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Born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, we are inspired by nature and the environment in which we live. We see untapped potential in the healing power of plants, and seek a future where plants play a major role in improving our health, well-being, and mental outlook.

Roots in Virginia.
Eyes on the Future.

The story of Skyline begins in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. The power and beauty of our natural environment inspires us every day. We believe in the healing power of plants, and we see a future where plants can revolutionize therapeutic treatments and how we care for own own well-being. These beliefs motivate us to produce some of the world’s best CBD and hemp-related products to help you live your best life.

No Compromises. Full Transparency.

Quality, attention to detail, transparency, and sustainability are the principles that guide us. We believe that healthy land produces quality hemp that results in a quality product.

  • We support local farmers and have a relationship built on respect, fairness, and continuous innovation.
  • We only source the highest quality  raw materials, from local  farmers whenever possible. 
  • Many of the farms that we work with are certified USDA organic and take their stewardship of the land seriously.
  • Our spent biomass is returned to farms for use as compost.
  • We are USDA Certified Organic

Blacksburg, Virginia is where we call home and it’s a community we care deeply about. 

Blacksburg Virginia map

Skyline is a team of doctors, scientists, and connoisseurs, committed to sustainability, quality, and wellness. We are innovators and embrace new technology, but it’s our heritage of Virginia farming and working the land that give us a unique perspective and respect for what nature can provide.

Organic LogosAll of our products are independent lab tested and each batch includes a COA detailing its content and purity. Many of our products are USDA Certified Organic by Where Food Comes From.

Products & Services

Virginia-grown quality, from seed to shelf.

The terpinene profile of mountain grown Virginia hemp is said to be the best in the US, if not the world. We offer a complete range of products carefully crafted from Virginia-grown hemp in small batches to maintain the highest quality.



  • Wholesale and bulk sales
  • Custom formulations
  • White label product development

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Our People

Phil Louer

Louer is active entrepreneur in the exploding hemp industry. In addition to being a co-founder of New River Extracts LLC, he is also a co-founder of The Wise Leaf, LLC, a retail outlet for premium hemp products, and a co-founder of Homestead Farms, LLC, a cultivator of premium hemp. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Bedford, VA.

Michael Soo, MD

As part of the NuTrac Hemp, Happy Llama Hemp Company and Skyline Botanics teams, Dr. Soo is involved in the formulations of the product line, and continues to follow the latest scientific developments in the field to produce a line of products of consistently high quality under the legal framework in Virginia. Dr. Soo is a strong proponent of plant medicine and the tremendous potential wellness benefits of both hemp and cannabis.